The Best Easy Crafting Projects Anyone Can Make

Crafting is an enjoyable hobby that allows people to tap into their inner artist and craft something they can enjoy or use every day. DIY crafts range from easy, quick projects even beginners can complete, all the way up to more intricate plans that take longer but offer greater satisfaction.

Tie Dye Headbands

DIY tie dye headband crafts are simple and fun projects to undertake, creating fashionable accessories with just one step! Perfect for adding some hippie chic flair to any ensemble, this DIY headband craft features pearls and rhinestones for an eye-catching design perfect for any special event or special day!

To complete this project, take a standard braided headband and use fabric dye according to kit instructions to apply different hues of dye. After that, wrap the band in rubber bands in any pattern you desire and store in plastic bag or Ziplock pouch while setting.

Once the dye has set, simply unwrap and rinse away excess dye. When dry, wear and enjoy! This project makes an excellent present idea for children as it requires no tools and supplies – perfect for keeping them busy on rainy days! This fun paper plate frog craft project also makes a wonderful handmade card!

Tattoo Paper Pencil Holders

Tattoo transfer paper is a special type of paper coated in wax to facilitate moving designs from paper to skin and working like a stencil. Tattoo artists use it to ensure their designs look just as great when applied directly onto skin as they did when drawn on paper!

Though not an everyday DIY project, creating your own tattoo paper designs with a Sharpie pen can be achieved quite easily at home. For this DIY endeavor, all that’s required to get creative is some tattoo paper and a Sharpie.

Macrame, another trendy skill set which has made a comeback alongside midcentury home trends, can provide another similar technique. Searches for macrame have increased rapidly this year and you can find easy-to-follow photo tutorials online for this craft.

Dollar Tree Organizer Bins

Dollar Tree’s selection of plastic bins and baskets provides versatile organizing solutions for every room in your home, such as your bathroom closet. Keep items organized by using bins designed specifically to hold washcloths, towels and soaps without spilling over into other spaces.

Utilize clear plastic storage bins to efficiently organize your kitchen drawers, categorizing utensils or office supplies and keeping them from becoming disorganized. A plastic shoe organizer also serves as an efficient car organizer – simply hang it over the backseats for convenient organization of tissues, water bottles or children’s snacks and toys!

An adorable 2-liter soda bottle planter can be created easily using just a few supplies – potting soil and your chosen plant or flower are two essentials! Use your creativity to turn this project into fun Soda Bottle Flower Stamped Art art pieces; perfect for birthday parties.

Mod Podge Mason Jars

Mod Podge isn’t limited to paper and fabric projects – it can also help transform plain glass jars into beautiful decorations! Try the rope decoupage method from Purple Hues and Me to add this mason jar craft and transform jars from plain into stunning kitchen decor!

Use Mod Podge and food coloring (or acrylic paint) to customize mason jars! Just mix your color into regular clear Mod Podge before applying it directly to each jar, placing them upside-down on baking sheets for drying, then use as storage, vase fillers or candleholders (using real or faux tealight candles). Just remember tinted jars aren’t suitable as drinkware!

Comic Book Frame

If you love comics, this project can be an excellent way to display all your favorites in a fun and innovative wall display that makes you feel like having your very own museum right at home!

DIY frames make framing comics quick and easy; whether that means framing an entire issue or just its cover. Everything needed for framing one in 10 minutes or less is included, including acrylic glazing to provide protection from UV rays.

To mount a comic in this frame, simply remove its backer and slide your comic book between its slots. When finished, replace its backer and hang your frame on either a nail or screw in your wall for easy viewing! Plus, this frame makes switching up comics easy so that your look remains fresh!

Fabric Bowls

Have a collection of fabric scraps that isn’t quite ready to become quilts or clothing, yet? Use them instead to craft stunning fabric bowls – an easy sewing project perfect for beginner sewers. Plus, practicing scissor skills while you do!

Your project requires a bowl to trace rounds on fabric with mod podge. Additionally, you’ll require a pen or pencil, fabric scissors and mod podge.

Begin by placing the balloon knot side down on a mug or cup to ensure stability while working. Next, apply a layer of mod podge to the center top of the balloon and apply your first fabric piece with its good side facing down – this will serve as the interior surface of your bowl when complete. Add additional fabric pieces with matching patterns so that the designs line up.

Mouse Pad

Instead of the typical rubber mouse pad design, this one features a sturdy traction base and decorative top layer. To craft one yourself, find a firm base material such as corrugated cardboard sheets; for the decorative top layer layer choose from solid colors, patterns fabrics or photographs as the desired finish touch.

Make sure your mouse pad does not slide around when placed on a desk or table by adding nonslip surfaces such as poster putty or tape used for hanging posters, shelf and drawer liner (available at most grocery stores and hardware stores), or scrap cotton fabric can serve as suitable alternatives. However, surfaces too reflective can confuse modern mouse sensors.

Wall Organizer

DIY wall organizers are an excellent way to streamline your home office or mudroom. From hanging attractive clipboards with reminders and calendars to hooks for bags, keys and more or shelves with bins for holding jars, catchalls or papers you can put together an organizational station in minutes!

Start by folding and pinning the raw edges of your pocket wall organizer base fabric together to form rounded corners, which will make applying bias binding later easier.

As you sew along both 23.5-inch edges, remove pins as necessary. Now is the time to add pockets; press under half an inch on both long edges of your A piece and pin it. Sew along its edge leaving 1″ space on either side for the dowel rod bar.


Keychains are an increasingly popular fashion statement and an ideal way to mark special events and milestones in our lives.

Keychains can be customized with charms and beads for visual interest and texture, or decorated with tassels and pompoms for movement and fun.

To create your own keychains, you will require three components: a jump ring, keychain fob hardware and decorative item with holes large enough for these three components; you could also use chain to add length and create more accessories – alternatively you could purchase premade keychain accessories online and produce them faster; if selling keychains this way is your goal, be sure to design designs that appeal to your target market audience.

T-Shirt Stamp

Create custom shirts that highlight your brand, team or family using paints and stamps already found in your craft drawer. This method also serves as a great practice run; use different techniques until you find out which looks best!

Screen printing uses photo silk screens to print designs directly onto fabric, making it more flexible than heat transfer vinyl. Unfortunately, screen prep work must be completed between each printing run; therefore, this method should only be utilized for large orders or long-term branding projects. Another option for dye sublimation printing involves directly printing an image onto a transfer sheet then applying heat. Although colors may not appear as vibrantly on paper as other methods, but their results remain durable and professional-looking.

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