Top Craft Blogs and Websites to Follow

Crafting inspiration can come from many different places; whether that be following an influential blogger or YouTuber, browsing online stores, or just going through old photos from old albums.

The Boogy Boogy is a craft blog known for creative and mind-boggling DIYs, particularly crocheting blankets and designing.

There are various tutorials that provide instructions for crochet hat making. Check out this creative and unique craft blog to gain knowledge in how to crochet hat making.

The Crafty Blog Stalker

The Crafty Blog Stalker draws readers in search of inspiration and new hobbies. Content featured includes simple crafts that can be completed quickly. Furthermore, this blog generates revenue via banner ads and affiliate marketing.

Remodelaholic stands out with its distinct title and casual writing style that draws readers in quickly, expanding its readership base. Additionally, every page includes a search bar as well as social media account links at the bottom of every post, helping readers quickly locate content they are seeking and share posts easily.

Hands Occupied is an appealing DIY craft blog with an intriguing name, drawing visitors in. This blog primarily covers knitting, crocheting, latch hooking and macrame but also covers pottery-making skills, pottery-related adolescent art projects, paper artistry techniques and painting. Hands Occupied shows how general craft blogs can hone in on specific niches to attract the appropriate target audiences.

The Boogy Boogy

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas introduced The Boogy Woogie as one of its main antagonists. A large burlap bag filled with insects, spiders, and snakes forms his home; three not-so-loyal servants known as Lock, Shock, and Barrel serve him. He enjoys gambling – often risking lives for more power.

Julien Priez created this modern digital font which draws its inspiration from calligraphy and lettering, featuring sharply modelled shapes to reflect their original written models while eliminating any of their imperfections caused by writing tools.

The Boogy Woogie font can be used in a wide variety of contexts, from drop caps and poster fonts to text sizes with distinct formal approaches; its poster versions, for instance, owe more to calligraphic sources than text sizes – an important consideration when creating successful typefaces.

The Crafty Street Artist

This craft blog stands out as one of the finest resources for DIYs on crochet design and blanket making, featuring modern techniques and trends that are enjoyable to follow. Additionally, there’s a section with DIY projects covering home decor projects, yarn crafts and knitting as well as knitting itself.

This engaging craft blog contains many tutorials to assist with all sorts of craft projects and give ideas for new designs. Furthermore, it gives insight into interior design with tips and hacks that make DIY easier – creating one-of-a-kind craft designs and inspiring the crafter with humor!

This website is well-known for offering innovative but simple craft projects suitable for any special event or special occasion, with numerous free templates that are user-friendly and straightforward tutorials with pictures to guide viewers step-by-step in creating their projects without difficulty. A valuable resource for all creative individuals!

The Reclaimed Crafter

If you enjoy crafting with recycled materials, this blog should be on your must-read list. Reusing and upcycling are both environmentally conscious practices as well as creative outlets – the DIY projects encourage unique pieces with their own story to tell!

Angela Jose is a weaver and macrame artist who shares her crafty expertise on her website. Her tutorials are intended to be user-friendly; her projects are budget-conscious yet beautifully constructed.

This site features many fun paper crafts and holiday season ideas for easy tutorials that anyone can follow easily, perfect for adding craft supplies into their collection. Their blog serves as a wonderful source of motivation when life becomes busy – its projects will surely brighten your day and there are printables too.

The Crafty Paper Crafter

Paper crafting is a fast-emerging craft segment, combining artful handiwork with recycling and technology to produce something completely original and inspirational. Therefore, you’ll find plenty of information and inspiration within this niche blog and website category; moreover, their popularity ensures they gain significant traffic and revenue streams.

Paper crafters are notoriously active on social media, using it to stay abreast of new trends in their niche and learn from fellow crafters who have perfected their techniques. Social media provides access to resources and opinions that provide great motivational boosts for paper crafters.

Chica and Jo is a blog dedicated to crafting ideas with minimal cost, featuring easy tutorials for weaving and macrame as well as holiday-related inspiration. Additionally, Hello Hydrangea features tutorials on weaving and macrame as well as inviting readers to share its content via an easy call-to-action button.

The Colorful Life

Colorful Life is a cooperative top-down puzzle game designed for four players. Join forces and work together to unlock doors and escape from dark dungeons below, using each player’s special talents to aid one another on each level. Local split screen multiplayer support is available, or alternatively there are global friend-to-friend rooms hosted by other players who host world rooms that host friendly competition. Each level is intended to be fun yet challenging – however your colors will soon drain if you stay still!

This picture features numerous people, such as knights on horseback armed with swords, lovers who pay no heed to anything, rowers who use their oars to cut through dark waters, etc.

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